At Lulu’s Repose we love winter. Too many people forget what this season has to offer; especially at the cottage. There are certainly as many activities to enjoy in winter as in the summer months and the magic of the holiday season is always enhanced while sitting around a roaring fire watching the snow fall gently outside.

When we were children, our holidays in the winter seemed to always come with the promise of snow: sliding, skating, sledding, snowmen, snow forts were all part of the fun of the season. Now, it seems, our cities rarely see meaningful snowfall in the winter. And, when it does snow in the city, it is typically a catalyst for consternation: shoveling walkways and driveways, traffic slowdowns, brown slush…

Why not escape the dull, grey streets of the city in winter for a pure, white, unspoiled country landscape? Come and stay with us at Lulu’s Repose and re-discover the magic of the winter season. Typically, our first snowfall is in November and we can virtually guarantee “a white Christmas”. Come and re-connect with family over the holiday season, or book a mid-winter getaway and enjoy all the activities the area has to offer – you’ll be glad you did!

Cross Country Skiing and Snowshoeing

As you might expect, cross country skiing and snowshoeing are a couple of the more popular activities in Ontario cottage country. Ahmic Lake and the surrounding waterways freeze over in the winter offering miles of cross country skiing and snowshoeing at Lulu’s front door. If you prefer groomed, cross country ski trails, then travel west on Highway 124 to Nine Mile Lake (approximately 30 minutes from Lulu’s Repose) where you will find the Georgian Nordic Ski and Canoe Club Here you will find over 25 kms of trails with differing levels of difficulty to suit your tastes. The club has parking for you vehicle and a burrow for your convenience. Alternatively, if you’re looking for other trail opportunities for your snowshoeing or cross country skiing adventure, you can use any of the many trails managed under the Trans Canada Trail System or check out other trail routes at Discovery Routes

At Lulu’s Repose, we have several sizes of snowshoe to fit any member of the family. Strap on a pair and try a walk on the frozen trails or on the lake.

Georgian Nordic Ski Canoe Club

Discovery Routes


In cottage country, and particularly in our area, snowmobiling approaches religious status. There are so many clubs, trails, and associations in the area that they are almost too many to name. If you have plans to explore the snow-covered forests, lakes, and fields of our Near North, why not consider Lulu’s Repose for you snowmobiling adventure home base? There are a number of outfitters in the area that would be pleased to rent you the machine, helmets, suits, and also provide you with trail passes and maps.  Both three and seven day trail passes are available and can be purchased on-line at

PSSD Trail Passes

Right outside Lulu’s Repose is the major, marked trail that runs across Ahmic Lake and links Sundridge in the North East and Dunchurch in the South West. The multitudes of trails around Lulu’s Repose are well-groomed and maintained by a number of local snowmobile clubs who are members of the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC). Permits are available from these organizations and allow access to hundreds of kilometers of scenic trails.

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Dog Sledding

Looking for a new, exhilarating wintertime experience? Something that will get you out into The Great White North amid the splendor of a snow-covered landscape? Something that you’ll remember for winters to come? Why not join us at Lulu’s Repose for the weekend and get out for a dog sledding experience second to none. Add a little more excitement by booking a nighttime run over moonlit trails.

Check out Sugar Dogs Adventure

Ice Fishing

It might be the middle of January, the lake might be frozen to over 2’ thick, and the temperature on the thermometer outside might say -30 degrees C, still, there’s fish to be caught! For the avid angler, and even for those who have never dangled a line through a hole in the ice, there’s something undeniably alluring about huddling inside your hut with family or friends waiting for that line to go tight.

Why not come and visit us at Lulu’s Repose and drop a line through the ice? There are a number of outfitters on the lake and we’re happy to help arrange for huts, transportation, and all the equipment and tackle required for your fishing adventure. All you have to do is bundle-up, head out on the lake, and have some fun!


Winter Relaxing

Lulu’s Repose is that very special location for you to hold your family gathering over the Holiday Season. Enjoy the company of family and friends in the warmth and comfort of these luxurious surroundings. Curl up with a good book in front of a roaring fire in the Great Room or just sit and reconnect with loved ones while watching the snow gently drift down outside.

On those cold, snowy days where there is nothing on the agenda but indoors activities, grab a blanket and your favourite beverage and head for the media room for a lazy afternoon of movies or television. At Lulu’s Repose there are over 250 DVD titles available to you not to mention around 200 satellite television stations to choose from. Or, for a more interactive experience bring your favourite games and take advantage of the Sony PS3 game console.

Feeling a little more competitive? Why not head up to the “billiards loft” and challenge your companions to a game or two of 8 ball or 9 ball on Lulu’s 9’ pool table. Or, for a quieter, more cerebral challenge, find a partner, pull up a chair and set up the chess board. The kids and young-at-heart in your group will also appreciate the large number of board games and puzzles available to our guests including all your old favourites.

What would the holidays be without a festive feast or two? Certainly the kitchen facilities at Lulu’s Repose will provide everything your favourite gourmand requires to pull of the all-important holiday banquet. And, for the lucky people tasked with cleanup after the repast, there are two state-of-the-art, automatic dishwashers at your disposal.